Attention Mauna Protectors Across the Earth!: CALL TO CIVIL ASSERTIVE ACTION AND HOW YOU CAN HELP

“Submit comments in opposition to the UH promulgation of Administrative Rules over Mauna Kea by clicking here:”
Healani Sonoda-Pale

Should the University of Hawaii, after charges dropped for unconstitutional arrests on the Mauna, be trusted with proposing legislation? IDK why don’t you read the rules and decide to comment for yourself. IMO your participation is essential and needed. Mahalo!”
Kamahana Kealoha
RE: UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I Adoption of Chapter 20-26 Hawai‘i Administrative Rules
“Link to rules:
Premeditated and highly coordinated attempts on the part of the State of Hawai`i to criminalize protest and customary and traditional gatherings on Mauna Kea. Proposed rules include no groups bigger than 10 without a permit, no cell phones, no pedestrians in roadways, and traditional and customary activities are permitted only in circumscribed ways, including that they must leave no trace (there seems to be a sustained analogy between traditional activities/objects and trash implicit in the rules).
[…] I hope some of you will join me in making comments. Even a short sentence to the effect that state agencies should support rather than limit constitutional rights would be great. Comments may be submitted until Sept. 28 online at, via email at or in writing to the UH Government Relations Office, 2442 Campus Road, Administrative Services Building 1-101, Honolulu, HI 96822.”
Greg Johnson
“Kahea to ALL people, everywhere. These “rules” will affect YOU too!
Have you been to Mauna Kea? Would you like to go to Mauna Kea? How about the next time you go to your ancestral place and they tell you that you can not or thereʻs a fence or put other rules?
THIS is not just a protectorsʻ KAHEA! We need each and every one of you who cares about your customary and traditional gatherings to write, stand, speak about and be a presence on these rules. Maybe you donʻt understand, maybe you think they are making efforts to keep the Mauna safe.. THINK AGAIN! If you enter your own place of gathering this week (your church, HINT, for one) how would you like to be criminalized for going there and doing what you do?
Are you a person who practices Hawaiian traditions and customs outside of Hawai`i? Are you a person who has visited Hawai`i and itʻs the place you talk about all the time as paradise? Are you a human who cares about others and the earth? Not political, yes you are. Whoever you are, no matter where you are, the KAHEA is out! Read the proposed rules, send in your testimony and when thatʻs done, be ready to support everyone on the Mauna.
What are you waiting for? Start reading.. and tag at least 10 others.. letʻs go!”
Cheryl Ann

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