ATTENTION: Mauna Kea Protecters CALL TO ACTION 3/8/19


“UH has no jurisdiction to make administrative rules (rules that would attempt to regulate Kanaka Maoli cultural access, practice and sacred sites) on Crown lands zoned “Conservation”. Nor do they have the authority or means to enforce these rules. #NoJurisdictiononMaunaKea” Mahalo to Healani Sonoda-Pale for this current call to action!
Should the University of Hawaii, after charges dropped for unconstitutional arrests on the Mauna, be trusted with proposing legislation? IDK why don’t you read the rules and decide to comment for yourself. IMO your participation is essential and needed. Mahalo!

RE: UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I Adoption of Chapter 20-26 Hawai‘i Administrative Rules

Link to rules:…/b…/adminrules/chapter26-proposed.pdf

Premeditated and highly coordinated attempts on the part of the State of Hawai`i to criminalize protest and customary and traditional gatherings on Mauna Kea. Proposed rules include no groups bigger than 10 without a permit, no cell phones, no pedestrians in roadways, and traditional and customary activities are permitted only in circumscribed ways, including that they must leave no trace (there seems to be a sustained analogy between traditional activities/objects and trash implicit in the rules).

I hope some of you will join me in making comments. Even a short sentence to the effect that state agencies should support rather than limit constitutional rights would be great. Comments may be submitted until Sept. 28 online at, via email at or in writing to the UH Government Relations Office, 2442 Campus Road, Administrative Services Building 1-101, Honolulu, HI 96822.

Kamahana Kealoha



2 responses to “ATTENTION: Mauna Kea Protecters CALL TO ACTION 3/8/19

  1. Mauna Kea needs you!! People of Israel, I, Nadav Yair, am calling to your attention the wrong that is being done to the Hawaiian people and their Aina, their land. The desecration that the State and Federal Government is still doing since they stole the islands from the Hawaiians! Though we are in the middle east does not mean it is not our business! Injustice in Hawaii is the same injustice other nations do to us! We as Jews, and me as a Hawaiian Jew call on all to make your voice heard from Israel to Hawaii…leave the land of the Hawaiians to the Hawaiians! Save and fight for Mauna Kea!!!


  2. I just hope the repudiation of DU at Pohaluloa is just as strong! Maybe it will take an occupation like with Kaho’olawe. Jon


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