TMT Cannot Abandon A Location It Has Failed To Lawfully Secure. FYI

Sacred Hui’s response?:

“Abandon Hawaii?” Um you have no lease. You cannot build as yet. You do not have the lawfull documents and have not qualified as again YOU DO NOT HAVE A LEASE. Check this fruitcake Hawaii media out. Are they freckin serious?

Yes they are. ETHNOCIDE. Genocide of my ethnicity. The Hawaii News Media should be ashamed of themselves printing markedly incorrect information in the guise of TMT relocating of its own agency.

NOT SO. They still have not met the lawful requirements, albeit temporarily and previously as well as unlawful. Remanded. Reprimanded. And found illegal. How quickly we spin the media farce. Any science project putting forth farce just to situate itself, for starters, is not science but pseudoscience. Shame on Thayne. Have you no respect for the institution of science that you would put forth such a misrepresentation- a lie!? Of course not. Your bunk assessments in the unlawfully manipulated CDUAP process speak volumes of this lack of fact #pseudoscience, unlawful #pseudolaw and now this- #pseudonews. Wow. Heretics do the same don’t they?

Get it right. They have no TMT as is.

No lease.

And how can you have a permit to build with no lease or title?

Due Process White Elephant.

The fact that the TMT is currently allowed to have a permit and no lease is a blatant violation of due process. And therefor unlawful.

Abandon Hawaii?

More like you do not meet the lawful requirements to build in our severely neglected and does-not-meet-lawful-regulations-itself conservation district.

So if this is how you conduct science no wonder you’re pseudoscientists. So casually pass off bullshit as fact do yah?

Like your unlawful conspiracy to buy off the legislature to circumvent more laws?

Hell no.



We’ve ONLY just begun peach-eggplant monkeys.

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