KHNL: Judge: Thirty Meter Telescope should be given OK to move forward

“Opponents remain steadfast and plan to block the telescope, one way or another. 

Late Wednesday night, Office of Hawaiian Affairs vice chair Dan Ahuna recommended that OHA file suit against the state and the University of Hawaii to block the telescope.”
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Fact Check: In the capacity of the hearing Amano is merely a hearing officer and her decision is merely a recommendation that is not a adjudicated court’s ruling. 
The Hearing Process is setup to act as the law but is not the law and although many reserved high hopes for this decision many have also planned to face the reality that the hearing officer has the record to support both outcomes and, is allowed to interpret law but this does not supersede a adjudicated court’s decision. 
There are supreme court litigations in progress and pending for this very CDUA permit and lease and the justices have continued to side with the protectors. 
Continue to protect.

Continue civil routes.

Continue to be present.

Continue to be ready.
E, e mau nō ka hana ʻana ʻaʻole i pau.
This is a time to hoʻomākaukau. 







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