MAUNA: Public Testimony Oppurtunity 

It’s time to flood our Trustees with phone calls and emails. 
Get your testimonies ready, lāhui. No time to waste.
Let’s do this. #TMTstillshutdown.


[Mahalo Mehana.

I would suggest testimony be sent in from everyone, from all over the world, ESPECIALLY OHA beneficiaries, those kanaka in and outside of Hawaiʻi, and Hawaiʻi residents in and outside of Hawaiʻi. Make your voice heard. 

Notice: Persons wishing to provide testimony are requested to submit 13 copies of their testimony to the OHA Chief Executive Officer through MAIL:

560 N. Nimitz Suite 200

Honolulu. HI, 96817 

or FAX to 594-1868, 


48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting Persons wishing to testify ORALLY may do so at the meeting provided that oral testimony shall be limited to five minutes.

For more information on Public Oral Testimony Click:

Public testimony procedures clarified for meetings of the OHA Board of Trustees

One response to “MAUNA: Public Testimony Oppurtunity 

  1. Can someone please create a template for those who don’t have time – or are not comfortable – writing a testimony? Mahalo


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