The REAL Kamahana Kealoha

ALOHA Kākou,

I love science. My BA is in physical anthropology focusing on genetic, inter-generational disease and DNA as well as forensics.
I studied and worked in the UH geophysics department, DLNRs Engineering department and for Cultural Surveys Hawaii.

UH, DLNR, and CSH will no longer employ nor work with me for advocating the CDUA permit process and laws be followed.

I received my concurrent BAs in Olelo Hawaii and Anthropology while 500 miles away most of the time traveling to and from the Mauna between 2012 and 2017.

I stand with the Mauna. I am not against science. I am against pseudo-science and lawlessness. I believe it financially behooves a business to follow the law.

Aloha kākou from our small group 95,000 strong and growing in over 100 different countries and our blog which has been translated into 78 different languages-

We are one part of our worldwide akua blessed kiai ohana. 

Mahalo for your continued support of We are still in it to win it. 

Aloha nui,

Kamahana Kealoha 
Head facilitator, founder.
We hold the Mauna true. 

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