Mahalo to Mehana Kihoi for this record:

Looking through all of our completed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law, in such reverence and awe. Such tireless work and profound effort was put into preparing these documents, and in such very little time. 

But we did it. We did it as Pro Se individuals, as Kiaʻi Mauna, as Aloha ʻĀina, as ʻOhana. Many of us with no legal experience, with no computers, with no resources or available finances. But we did it.

When I read through these documents, the undying love we all have for our Mauna, the unwavering commitment we all have for aloha ʻāina, and the lifelong dedication we have for protection of our sacred places, is so deeply felt. 

It was such an honor and privilege to deliver the documents my grandchildren will read on Tuesday. Covered in prayers, chants, paʻakai, wai from Waiau, and hau from Poliʻahu. And an even greater honor and privilege it is, to stand with the brave individuals who prepared those documents. Protectors that I will stand with for the rest of my days.

2 more weeks to give it all we got, and I know we’re nowhere done yet✊🏽. Kiaʻi Mauna, mau a mau. Let’s do this. #TMTshutdown

Kealoha Pisciotta, Keomailani Von Gogh, Paul Neves, Kalikolehua Kanaele

EK Flores, Pua Case, Hāwane Rios, Kapulei Flores

Ku Ching

Deborah Ward

ʻOhana of KAHEA

Hank Fergerstrom

Lanny Sinkin

Kelii Freitas

Cindy Freitas

Tiffnie Kakalia

Kealoha Kahunaaina Iona

Leina’ala Sleightholm MaunaKea’Ohana

Kualii Camara

And myself, Mehana Kihoi

I will forever lift your names, with the most grace and the most gratitude, wherever I go. Kūpaʻa mau ke aloha ʻāina.

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