TMT Contested Case testimony live now Leinaala Sleightholm

Resumes at 1pm
Today: February 14, 2017
(10:23am)-4:30/5:00pm Hawaii time
TMT Contested Case testimony live now, replay 7pm Hawaii time:
Leina’ala Sleightholm MaunaKea’Ohana I am watching you and sending you aloha and love and adore every word you say and your sharing of these profound and sacred experiences- your sounds and your soul. Love you so much and just holding you in prayer right now and always as well as your Ohana. Much love to you all! Miss you. Every word you’ve said speaks for me and I feel and know these words in my heart 🙂 thank you!
Forceable exchange of Ha: I want you to know about this idea. I was just talking to my Kumu last night. He is a manaleo. He told me Ha cannot be taken. That Ha must be given. He was adament that no one could take your Ha. The physical act of that is one thinhg but the actual taking of Ha- no can. Promise 🙂
Awesome job with the cross exam questioning your “awareness” of pro TMT folk’s “feelings.”
Mehana Kihoi and Sarah Kihoi’s testimony up next:
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[Editor’s note: January 14, 2017 was mistakenly printed initially. The correct date for today, February 14, 2017 has been updated.]

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