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Welcome to “Sacred Mauna Kea-He Makahiapo Kapu Na Wakea” (the sacred Firstborn child of Wakea, the Hawaiian God, of the Sky)

Mauna Kea is the piko, umbilical cord, or center, of existence for Hawaiians. This page is meant to examine this custom and how this is so through history and present, oral, written, spiritual traditions and practices.

Many say Mauna Kea is sacred. Let us look at how Mauna Kea is held sacred by Hawaiians and examples of this idea through history to the present.

Please contribute your ʻike and manaʻo. Feel free to post and comment. We enjoy moʻolelo and pictures of all types.

Let us bring Mauna Kea back to the piko and to the center of our beings as people of Hawaii.

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