LATEST UPDATE: Amano DENIES Testimony of Senior Law Professor of UH, Williamson Chang!

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Thirty Meter Telescope
Contested Permit Hearing

Update from Mehana Kihoi at yesterday, January 23rd’s TMT Contested Case Hearings:

Witness and Professor of Law, Williamson Chang, DENIED by Judge Amano to testify as a Witness today in the TMT Contested Case!!!

Professor Chang who flew in from Oahu today, would have testified on UH and TMT/TIO lack of title to the summit of Mauna Kea and the lack of territorial subject matter jurisdiction of the BLNR to issue the permit contested case hearing.

Judge Amano, UH, TMT/TIO had ample amount of time to file these objections due to the fact that Uncle Hank included him as a witness AND what he would be testifying on, in October.

WE, as pro se parties who are representing ourselves, are responsible to cover the costs of our outer island witnesses.

Uncle Hank Fergerstrom expresses to Amano that he is on social security, that SHE had more than enough time to raise these concerns months ago, and that she should be liable to cover his costs.


Although many have been led to believe the Thirty Meter Telescope has chosen and committed to build the TMT in another area other than the sacred summit and endangered species environment of Mauna Kea THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The TMT still choses to force their supremacy centric narrow version of science upon Mauna Kea, sacred to many. The contested case for the Conservation District Use Application Permit, which was recently remanded in a victorious win for the people of Hawaii, is being submitted yet again by this foreign corporate atrocity against the will of the many tens of thousands across the world who have stood up and sacrificed their freedom and faced social stigma to protect this pristine and most sacred summit of Mauna Kea.


Sacred Hui is diligently splitting cross-examinations up for your better viewing pleasure and access.

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Livestream Coverage is Scheduled 9:00AM to 4:30PM of TMT Contested Case on Channel 53.

Re-broadcast of live coverage will air 7:00PM on that same day


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