12 8 16 Stephanie Nagata crossexamined by Mehana Kihoi

During petitioner Mehana Kihoi’s cross-examination, Nagata stated that she does not believe Mauna Kea or any site in Hawai‘i is sacred.

Many times throughout the day, UH Attorney Tim Lui Kwan objected before a question was asked.

The reason for this was unclear, as the majority of these objections were overruled by Hearing Officer Amano. But it was also very clear that it impacted the cross-examiners’ line of questioning, often followed by Nagata requesting that the question be repeated.

In addition, a large amount of time throughout the day was spent while Nagata was asked to reference one of the over 30 exhibits she has associated with her written direct testimony.

Many participants expressed concerns over the impact the hearing is having on their lives, health and overall ability to prepare and present their case.

This is not the first time concerns of this type have come up since the contested case hearing began in early October.

To read Nagata’s written, direct testimony, go online…

The state Board of Land and Natural Resources Conservation District Use Application Contested Case Hearing on the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory (TIO) continued with applicant University of Hawai‘i witness Stephanie Nagata on Dec. 8, 2016, in Hilo.

A contested case hearing was requested with respect to the 2011 decision by the BLNR to issue a permit to build the $1.4 billion next-generation telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea.

The Hawai‘i Supreme Court ruled the permit invalid until a contested case hearing could be held to evaluate a petition by a group challenging the project’s approval.

Nagata, the director of the Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM), testified on the management of UH leased lands on Mauna Kea.

Nagata, who has served as the current director since 2012, was the interim director of OMKM for eight years and the associate director for eight years prior to that.

She testified that the Astronomy Prescient, located in the Conservation District and Historic District on Mauna Kea, is a boundary created by the university to make management easier and to consolidate astronomy to the one area of the mountain.

Nagata testified that OMKM consists of 10 employees and 11 rangers. The rangers report directly to her, she said. The rangers’ enforcement authority stems from the Public Access Plan.
We could never have come this far without you and we are at the brink of finishing the job. But we are also every day jeopardized by this forceful, aggressive misuse of our conservation district and supremely sacred summit and need to make it to May 2016 to begin to beat Telescope developers bottom line projections. Your contribution is so important and forwards another day to this previously unreachable goal. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Go to “Sacred Mauna Kea Hui – He Makahiapo Kapu Na Wakea” on FB and SacredMaunaKea.com for updates and join the conversation. See our YouTube, Vimeo and Ustreams at Sacred Mauna Kea- MAHALO AND ALOHA AINA

We will not be able to continue soon without your help:


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