A public trust – for private benefit?

Exactly why sacredmaunakea.com and gofundme.com/sacredmaunakea are forced to spend monies to hold the powers that be accountable.




A public trust – for private benefit?Will Caron in Human Rights Issues December 10, 2016 05:36

The Land Board’s acquiescence to corporate control of Hawaiʻi’s resources represents the state’s continuing failure to uphold its fiduciary duties…

Article XI (“Conservation, Control and Development of Resources”) states that:

For the benefit of present and future generations, the State and its political subdivisions shall conserve and protect Hawaiʻi’s natural beauty and all natural resources, including land, water, air, minerals and energy sources, and shall promote the development and utilization of these resources in a manner consistent with their conservation and in furtherance of the self-sufficiency of the State.

All public natural resources are held in trust by the State for the benefit of the people…

Thus, the last internal mechanism for putting a check on this corporate abuse of law, land and people was the BLNR and its ability to deny the permit renewal request at yesterday’s hearing. The members of the BLNR were the last institutional bulwark against an injustice that has been perpetuated by this company for generations. This is precisely what the BLNR is there for: to ensure that our public resources, enshrined with protection in the Hawaiʻi State Constitution, are sustained and remain available for responsible use and management by the true konohiki—the people of Hawaiʻi. The board’s decision, even with its stipulations, therefore represents a tragic failure to uphold this critical function…

At the heart of this issue is the struggle that people all over the world, from Standing Rock to the Gaza Strip, are facing. This is the struggle by ordinary men, women and children to ensure that their human rights—the right to clean air and water, the right to live on land free from pollution, the right to self-sufficiency and self-determination—are honored by their governments, instead of relegated to a backseat behind corporate domination and monopolization of natural resources.

Just as the United States government seems perfectly happy to accommodate fossil fuel conglomerates at the expense of people and cultures it deems expendable, the Hawaiʻi State government seems eager to hand East Maui’s streams over to a corporation with a colonial history that did not end with statehood, but which continues to this very day. But, just as we’ve seen at Standing Rock, and places like Henoko in Okinawa and on the slopes of Mauna Kea here in Hawaiʻi, when people unite and mobilize to defend their way of life, and the very Earth itself, they will never be defeated.

Already, three brave Maui wahine water protectors—at least two of which testified at yesterday’s hearing—have placed their bodies in front of A&B bulldozers, succeeding in stopping them from secretly diverting a stream they were supposed to be restoring. In granting A&B these permits, the state is inviting a public mobilization in the spirit of Standing Rock, pushing for water justice in East Maui. A&B and our “civil” servants had better be ready to face exactly that should they continue this arrogant abuse of Hawaiʻi’s resources and the rights of its people. Because people all over the world are realizing that, if they don’t stand up for their rights and for the preservation of the environment, their livelihoods, their identities and their happiness will continue to be traded off like commodities on the stock exchange in the name of corporate greed.”


Can anyone help Sacred Mauna Kea Hui and other interested parties with a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

Our monies were intended to benefit the continually degraded conservation district and endangered species environment NOT to hold the powers that be to the simple letter of THEIR OWN laws.

The “State” is afraid of the TMT suing them for misleading their corporate interests?

EVEN THOUGH the TMT/TIO is a direct accomplice to the same crime- TMT/TIO solicited, and continues to solicit, the State and premeditated this depravation of rights with the state to do exactly that- deprive the people of CIVIL RIGHTS.


The State thinks the TMT/TIO corporation is going to sue them and it will be “bad?”


Wait until the people have their day of justice.

Please contact sacresmaunakea@gmail.com to Kokua or go to contribute to our crowdfunding go to http://www.gofundme.com/sacredmaunakea


SACRED MAUNA KEA HUI intends and WILL to continue for all time to be sure that our sacred and natural resources and Earth are tended to with the highest standard of human law and behavior. We believe in the science of sacred ecology and will continue to stand for truth and ku kiai mauna. For that we need you, guardians of Earth and live. Na kanaka a pau a keia ao. Help us move like never before with momentum while the air is full of pono.

We could never have come this far without you and we are at the brink of finishing the job. But we are also every day jeopardized by this forceful, aggressive misuse of our conservation district and supremely sacred summit and need to make it to May 2016 to begin to beat Telescope developers bottom line projections. Your contribution is so important and forwards another day to this previously unreachable goal. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Go to “Sacred Mauna Kea Hui – He Makahiapo Kapu Na Wakea” on FB and SacredMaunaKea.com for updates and join the conversation. See our YouTube, Vimeo and Ustreams at Sacred Mauna Kea- MAHALO AND ALOHA AINA

We will not be able to continue soon without your help:


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