A short film taking you through the magic that flows through the islands of Hawaii to the mountain Mauna a Wakea that birthed quite possibly the biggest revolution in the history of the islands, bringing long overdue justice to the light. A movement that set in motion ythe reintegration of the ancient Hawaiian ways and practices, reclamation of stolen lands, and the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The movie revolves around a massive construction project known as the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) that was proposed to go on the summit of the highest mountain of the Pacific, which is revered by most Polynesians as their highest temple – their sacred connection between Heaven and Earth. A place of high mana (spiritual energy). The summit of Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea) was traditionally used as a burial ground of the highest born and most sacred ancestors throughout time and was later, without the native people’s consent or permission, opened up for astronomy research after the illegal occupation of the United States occurred a mere 122 years ago. There are now 13 telescopes on the summit that are all rubber-stamped, illegally pushed through. With this three part documentary series I intent to bring into light the injustices, corruption and lies, and transmute it into hope, inspiration and ACTion.

‘The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?’ – Bob Marley.

All credits go to their respective owners as credited at the end of the movie. 🙂 Many of the nature footage are from my archives, and available for free (message me) for any non-profit/ activism based art project.

Share far and wide,
Mahalo for watching!

A NIKA131 Creation – (

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