The University of Hawaii is caught numerous times by many petitioners, audience members, DLNR officers and even the Hearing officer SIGNALING THEIR WITNESSES TO INFLUENCE THEIR ANSWERS. THEIR WITNESSES ARE UNDER OATH.

During C.M. Kaho‘okahi Kanuha’s cross-examination of White, petitioner William Freitas approached the podium and informed the judge he believed White was being coached by someone at the UH-Hilo table.

White can be seen shifting his eye to the university’s table throughout his testimony.

Judge Amano admonished White, directing him to focus on the cross-examiner.

University Attorney Ian Sandison objected to the accusation and apologized for fidgeting.

Many of the petitioners added to Freitas’ claim during their turn questioning the witness. Noting the seriousness of the accusation of coaching, Judge Amano asked Sandison to respond.

“We did not intend to alter his testimony in any way,” said Sandison, adding that they instructed White to respond truthfully to the best of his ability.

Sandison motioned for White’s testimony to be added as evidence and subject to Judge Amano’s evaluation for the weight of the testimony.

Judge Amano denied the motions to strike White’s testimony and decided to wait until all the witnesses were been called before entering any of their testimony into evidence.
Although many have been led to believe the Thirty Meter Telescope has chosen and committed to build the TMT in another area other than the sacred summit and endangered species environment of Mauna Kea THIS IS NOT TRUE.

In a recent cross examination Mr. Freitas exposes UH Hilo and the other permit applicants signaling their witnesses and directing them how to answer from the audience. UH pays the witnesses to be at the hearing. They employee these witnesses thus far. They also direct the sub lease and are soliciting the corporate venture and atrocity known as the Thirty Meter Telescope.
We need all of your help for this process or the efforts of many tens of thousands freedom fighters and kiai Mauna across the world will not reach its potential- to have the sacred ecology of the largest and most sacred summit on the planet protected absolutely.

Humanity before Corporation.

Please continue to support Sacred Mauna Kea Hui’s efforts to bring the truth to you by clicking, considering and sharing our crowdfunding:


Updates can be found at http://www.sacredmaunakea.com


Hearing Coverage Scheduled 9:00AM to 4:30PM of TMT Contested Case on Channel 53.

Re-broadcast of live coverage will air 7:00PM on that same day

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