12_2_2016 Judge Walter M. Heen; Kamahana crossexamines – YouTube

During Brannon Kamahana Kealoha’s cross-examination, Judge Heen testified, “Yes, I am aware [that] many, if not most or all Hawaiian people on the island, consider Mauna Kea sacred.”

Judge Heen testified that Stephanie Nagata from OMKM called him to testify in the hearing.
Kealoha prefacing his statement with intentions of no disrespect, pointing out that there were many questions Judge Heen was unable to answer or said he didn’t know throughout the cross-examination that day.
Kealoha went on to question Judge Heen on the reasons Native Hawaiian women were arrested during prayer in the middle of the night on the mountain in the summer of 2015.
Judge Heen said there are times when access may need to be denied or limited “with respect to preventing damage to the environment of Mauna Kea.”
“What kind of damage do praying women cause?” asked Kealoha.
Judge Heen stated, “I have no idea.”

Forced to tears with sadness AND anger. 

Respected Judge Heen ambivalently says, “it wasn’t a concern,’ and “I’m sure there are but I don’t know them” when asked if Heen, as director of Office of Mauna Kea Management, since its incpetion as required by the Master Plan decades ago, has treated our sacred interments with any concern or recognition.




We could never have come this far without you and we are at the brink of finishing the job. But we are also every day jeopardized by this forceful, aggressive misuse of our conservation district and supremely sacred summit and need to make it to May 2016 to begin to beat Telescope developers bottom line projections. Your contribution is so important and forwards another day to this previously unreachable goal. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Go to “Sacred Mauna Kea Hui – He Makahiapo Kapu Na Wakea” on FB and SacredMaunaKea.com for updates and join the conversation. See our YouTube, Vimeo and Ustreams at Sacred Mauna Kea- MAHALO AND ALOHA AINA

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