Kamahana Cross Examines Wally Ishibashi

During Brannon Kamahana Kealoha’s (yes I am going do so… w/ my 2 more min.- SUPREMELY sacred) cross-examination, Ishibashi testified that he is a descendant of (aumakua) Poliahu and related to her by blood.
Ishibashi testified that cultural practices on the mountain are not limited as stated in the management plan, but later testified that in order to build an ahu, shrine or place rocks upright, one must first receive a permit to do so.
We could never have come this far without you and we are at the brink of finishing the job. But we are also every day jeopardized by this forceful, aggressive misuse of our conservation district and supremely sacred summit and need to make it to May 2016 to begin to beat Telescope developers bottom line projections. Your contribution is so important and forwards another day to this previously unreachable goal. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Go to “Sacred Mauna Kea Hui – He Makahiapo Kapu Na Wakea” on FB and SacredMaunaKea.com for updates and join the conversation. See our YouTube, Vimeo and Ustreams at Sacred Mauna Kea- MAHALO AND ALOHA AINA
We will not be able to continue soon without your help:

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