Mehana Kihoi questions Kalepa Baybayan TMT hearing 11.2.16 

via Occupy Hawaii

TMT CURRENT HEARING COVERAGE is being broadcasted by Na Leo TV at the following link

Currently, and most recently, you can see the last PRE-HEARING (10/17/16) and the very first HEARING (10/20/16) here:

Video On Demand

Your kokua is the difference between whether human rights to be buried in our traditional burial grounds and the right to practice and maintain the sanctity of our most supremely sacred summit, will even be a discussion considered on this contested court case. 
The TMT in this case seeks to repermit their 20 story attrocity with 15,000 gallons of waste planned to be stored in the ground and then transported through almost every single endangered species environment to sea-level. 

We humbly ask, knowing that we are one among many who need kokua being here. We humbly ask you consider supporting all of us. We humbly ask that if you feel the burial rights of all humans are paramount- if you feel that a 20 story atrocity with 15,000 gallons of wastes stored underground is wrong in an endangered species environment and you want it to be stopped. Please considers and share our crowdfuding. We cannot do this without you:

#SMKHThankyous #TMTShutdown #SacredMaunaKeaHui #AoleTMT 

Find archived updates at:

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