Thayne Currie Thinks Ethnocide of Kanaka and supporters is a Joke

WE NEED YOU. Lets lead our poor ambivalent racist science community by example. We can do better. 

Is happy to provide you the truth and reality of why we need you.

Following shocking and racist culture perpetuated and the only relevant phrase is indeed “sometimes the mask comes off” ironically intended to characterize negatively protectors:

Sad that it is a reality and so validated without much help from our news report. Lets have aloha for the racist institutions, people and supporters who really don’t see that it is not ok to ridicule, demonize, and use fallacies and false claims to characterize a group of people or individuals. 

You see the racist aren’t required to know they are racist and the more they show how ambivalent they are to their own bias and racism the more they give us grounds to impeach their racist testimonies. amano freaked out when gunter impeached himself. lets see if we can make that the reality. To do and not try is pono. Lets submit and engage in the process and show that we have good will to our fellow man and that we can, without demonizing and fallacy, do what these uncivilized, perhaps ignorant or incapable supporters of extermination focused and superiority assuming science folks. They need the love they cannot give and lets feel pitiful for creatures of such dirty habits. 

Aloha nui.

The racist and demonizing have a venue provided by Thayne Currie whose FB claims to work at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. 

2 responses to “Thayne Currie Thinks Ethnocide of Kanaka and supporters is a Joke

  1. Many don’t appreciate the courage it takes to express a POV even when the psyche is noticeably damaged or in other situations the level of education does not allow someone to represent their level of intelligence. On top of that there are thousands who have incapacitated themselves with alcohol and drugs or are incarcerated so if you don’t at least scratch the surface it may be easy to not understand the effects of colonialism but the damage is far-reaching and real. The biggest problem we face as humans today is to relearn how to effectively co-exist with each other and our environment and the native people have the most to offer in that understanding, We have largely been removed from the structures that allow ourselves to function efficiently and until we figure that out and make strides towards a return of human functionality exploring other concerns are just a distraction.


  2. This is unbelievable. Who are these people? Such disrespect is astounding. Such ignorance! Aloha to the hui and the Hawai’ian people from one of a different culture.


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