SOURCE: Intercontinental Cry

October 6, 2014

“Show us the title,” said Kealoha. “If the so-called ‘Treaty of Annexation’ exists, that would be proof that Hawaiian Kingdom citizens gave up sovereignty and agreed to be part of the United States 121 years ago. But we know that no such document exists. The so-called ‘state’ does not have jurisdiction over Mauna Kea or any other land in Hawaii that it illegally leases out to multi-national interests.”

I agree with how George Helm felt about Kahoolawe,” said Kealoha. “He wrote in his journal: ‘My veins are carrying the blood of a people who understood the sacredness of land and water. Their culture is my culture. No matter how remote the past is, it does not make my culture extinct. Now I cannot continue to see the arrogance of the white man who maintains his science and rationality at the expense of my cultural instincts. They will not prostitute my soul.’”

“We are calling on everyone, Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike, to stand with us, to protect Mauna Kea the way George and others protected Kahoolawe. I ask myself every day, what would George Helm do? Because we need to find the courage he had and stop the destruction of Mauna Kea.”

TMT CURRENT HEARING COVERAGE is being broadcasted by Na Leo TV at the following link

Currently, and most recently, you can see the last PRE-HEARING (10/17/16) and the very first HEARING (10/20/16) here:

Video On Demand

The TMT in this case seeks to repermit their 20 story attrocity with 15,000 gallons of waste planned to be stored in the ground and then transported through almost every single endangered species environment to sea-level.

We seek to stop them. The permit could be very well granted regardless, HOWEVER if we are not in the hearing, the rights and laws that will protect our practices and the Mauna will not have a foundation on which to rule against this once and for all in a higher court.

Yes this is for the long run.

As our Mauna stands for us we answer its struggle by being present where we are and where we are instructed by life’s necessities and spiritual guidance. Sacred Mauna Kea Hui is present where it needs to be. But it needs you to be present for the Mauna where you are. That means speaking, wearing, thinking, praying Mauna. Meditate on your sacred self-understanding, converse with spirit. Live it.

We humbly ask, knowing that we are one among many who need kokua being here. We humbly ask you consider supporting all of us. We humbly ask that if you feel the burial rights of all humans are paramount- if you feel that a 20 story atrocity with 15,000 gallons of wastes stored underground is wrong in a endangered species environment, that is also simultaneously supremely sacred, and you want the Thirty Meter Telescope to be stopped. Please considers and share our crowdfuding. We cannot do this without you:


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