TMT Live Coverage

TMT Live Coverage: 

Hearing Coverage Scheduled 9:00AM to 4:30PM of TMT Contested Case on Channel 53.

October 20

October 24

October 25-27

October 31

November 2

November 21-23

November 28

Re-broadcast of live coverage will air 7:00PM on that same day

Accompanying resources: 

Applicant University of Hawaiʻi At Hilo’s Confirmation of Exhibits for Submission into Evidence with Direct Testimony of P.White, J.Hayes, R.Mclaren, C.Smith and C.Baybayan; Certificate of Service, filed October 18, 2016.


Many have been asking “how can I help?” Please consider tagging and sharing with all of the above hashtags and especially our gofundme link below.

We still need you every second of every day to finish the job we started- BE PRESENT FOR THE MAUNA. The Mauna Stands for us. To be present means to answer that call with the fact in mind that the Mauna is standing for us. Please, please know that the economic duress of this contested case hearing is unbearable for many collectively or as individual parties. Please visit, consider and share our crowdfunding link below. We cannot do this with out you:

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