10/20/2016 Kamahana: Contested Case Hearing #1

Kamahana Kealoha makes evident the non-user friendly system. According to the intent of the statutes that define Contested Case hearings in Hawaii one is not supposed to need a lawyer to navigate the system. No resources and no assistance is given to any of the “pro se” parties representing themselves. Non-profit law firms for Native Hawaiian parties needing representation and non-profit environmental law firms both, according to law, are unable to offer their services because of these stipulations leaving the pro se parties at the mercy of a 1.4 billion dollar corporate development and its law team exceeding 12 lawyers or more lawyers.

Nevertheless Kamahana attempts to make his objections known and his inability to support motions made by other parties. The Hearing Officers advice is to “wait and see” after informing Kamahana that she is going in a certain order and that when his “turn” comes up he may cross examine the witness and make motions of support or objections to motions made prior. Kamahana argues that this explanation does not make sense given that there are parties after him that may make motions that he has a right to support or object to. Sacred Hui believes this is depravation of due process in live time.


TMT CURRENT HEARING COVERAGE is being broadcasted by Na Leo TV at the following link

Currently, and most recently, you can see the last PRE-HEARING (10/17/16) and the very first HEARING (10/20/16) here:


Your kokua is the difference between whether human rights to be buried in our traditional burial grounds and the right to practice and maintain the sanctity of our most supremely sacred summit, will even be a discussion considered on this contested court case.

The TMT in this case seeks to repermit their 20 story attrocity with 15,000 gallons of waste planned to be stored in the ground and then transported through almost every single endangered species environment to sea-level.

We humbly ask, knowing that we are one among many who need kokua being here. We humbly ask you consider supporting all of us. We humbly ask that if you feel the burial rights of all humans are paramount- if you feel that a 20 story atrocity with 15,000 gallons of wastes stored underground is wrong in an endangered species environment and you want it to be stopped. Please considers and share our crowdfuding. We cannot do this without you:



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