ATTENTION KOKUA NEEDED: YOU are Essential. Mauna is sacred.

If you would like to be sure Kamahana and Sacred Hui continue to make a difference in this contested court hearings, as well as all truly significant #TeamMauna movers and shakers. We provide the most up to date balanced news first and pertinent ground-laying and record submission of crimes to be confirmed in a civil court case VERY SOON. Supporting Sacred Hui IS supporting HUMANITY BEFORE CORPORATION are the will of the people.

Your most necessary support to the burden of this blatant fraud is absolutely our lifeline. As an immediate emergency and Kamahana is accepting indispensable donations in person on Hawaii and Oahu (FB PRIVATE MESSAGE HIM). 

Also accepting your game changing monetary funds at the following Federal Credit Union shared branches:
Process of check and deposit delayed with sacred hui as all our signatories are on Hawaii island and our checks from charitable aloha aina are sent to our business address on Honolulu.
Thirty Meter Telescope of GENOCIDE AND SUPERIORITY contested case can really make the difference between desecration, extinctions and justice.
Continue to consider making the difference you can at
Lets help END this injustice!!
Love, aloha, wander and gratitude always and forever.


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