Kamahana Kealoha’s specific, substantial interests in the contested case proceedings

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Requestor’s specific, substantial interests in the contested case proceedings also consists as follows: As accorded with my document family burials by my cousins Jimmy and Clarence Medeiros with the burial councils on Mauna Kea I assert my rights, and make known my unique stake, as afforded by more progressive legalization of the Hawaiian customary right to be buried traditionally, in foresight of more legislation that will designate the actual practice of being buried in known burial grounds such as Mauna Kea. It being known that legislation has progressed to include customary preparation, and it being know that:

ACT 171, SB1166 SD2 HD2, 06/30/2015 RELATING TO THE PENAL CODE. Clarifies that preparation, burial, or cremation of a corpse in a manner consistent with traditional Hawaiian cultural customs and practices shall not constitute the offense of abuse of a corpse.

And it being known that others like myself plan to introduce future legislation that designates traditional burial grounds, such as my cousins Clarence and Jimmy Medeiros’s continue to practice in the repatriation of ohana and other iwi documented with the burial council. And it being known and acknowledged through Magoon vs. Mama Kahunaaina et. al that through my mother Donna Iona I am a recognized lineal descendant within the land court and kin to Clarence and Jimmy Medeiros recognized by the burial council of having burial grounds on the summit of Mauna Kea. Let it then be entered that I submit my request to sit at the table here as a party, recognizing Mauna Kea not only as a historical family burial site but one that awaits future delineation for present day burials as is being legislated progressively as time goes on by proof of ACT 171, SB1166 SD2 HD2. My name is Brannon Kamahana Kealoha and I look forward to your response. I have legal documents and genealogies (birth certificate and court record) available upon your request and submit this in a timely manner on 5/31/16.

Sincerely: Brannon Kamahana Kealoha

via Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

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