Judge will allow certain groups to participate in TMT contested – KFVE, K5

There are now 24 parties involved in the hearing, including the University of Hawaii at Hilo and Mauna Kea Ainanahou, a group opposed to the $1.4 billion telescope and represented by attorney Richard Wurdeman

via Judge will allow certain groups to participate in TMT contested – KFVE, K5-Hawaii News, Weather and Sports

6 responses to “Judge will allow certain groups to participate in TMT contested – KFVE, K5

  1. Oh you know after checking I remember I had to shorten the title so these are my words but thank you for pointing out the misunderstanding because it is obvious that the assumptions of this unfit process wrongfully and inaccurately assumes, as you may, that Hawaii island is the sole island with lawful documented and living rights and interests. That is the main reason I ever helped initiate the inception of the much needed blockade. This idea is not only incorrect but false.

    I don’t know why a process like this would seem to not do its due diligence to understand this fact of island chain significance and honestly every time due process seems rationalized as being served to all with interest, yet as in the case of the location choice, disservices the intent and reason for due processes as constitutional protected rights- every seeming instance of this possible deprival is a chance that the same constitutional rights are again being deprived and will potentially kill this initiative in mid-re-permitting. Or worse yet after the TMT foots the bill for their expenses in this hearing.

    Thats bad business. If the TMT was a company with a culture of engendering support and improving the endangered and sacred lands on which it wants to invade with building, it might save a lot of money with my expertise and insights as well as saving money on the terribly unqualified PR team constantly alienating more support at every opportunity, statement and publishing.

    I am of the belief and manifest energy that the TMT will not be built on our Sacred endangered species environment and loving burial grounds.

    When that becomes a reality I would love to show the TMT how to be become welcomed guests in a foreign land and how to actually improve and progress the needs of the people in any lands it negatively impacts and accomplish astronomy’s narrow significance in the larger world of collective science disciplines.

    It would be great to make the TMT what it is not- a genuinely support engendering corporation concerned about the breadth of science and have that intent match the result in sciences on the cutting edge of subsistence technologies so the environment and communities can exponentially, without contrivance of Incorporated redundancies that birth and maintain doubt and anger, and instead truly and realistically improve and heal the environments and people they industrialize and further the ethnocide of through aggressive demonization of truly good people like yourself but on opposing opinions of the issue. I am really good at this in certain ways and they need the transformation and we need the positive impacts to be seen as positive, mitigations to be proven to mitigate, and justice to be seen as served.

    The latter is already compromised dear in the present case in my opinion. I must inquire. It would be unethical not to don’t you think?

    It makes me wonder if the TMT is really trying to get this permit or not, with Amano’s records not being provided and that being addressed in a suit separately by Kawananakoa.

    That’s two possible instances of good possibilities of set backs.

    The third thing I am inquiring is the over confident, perhaps arrogants, interpreting the term “person” in the mandatory inclusion clause of the Contested Court Case rules (Subchapter 5) as one and the same as an Incorporated entity.

    I think it would annoy the Supreme Court justices again but worse if the same arrogance that was stated in the TMT’s weak and offensive statement that suggested the BLNR somehow had the equal authority of the Supreme Court to take liberties reserved to the Supreme Court. Remember? That would be certain disaster and I doubt the TMT could recover from that confidence and support wise from the process and the very aware residents of Hawaii and across the world.

    And I don’t think anyone will think its a coincident that all these questionable possibilities of die process deprival just “so happens” to seem to favor the TMT.

    But who am I? I am just an intervenor (which I believe is the correct title and non-fee designation of what would be equal to the $100 fee in my view, wrongfully interpreted and mandated designation as petitioner, a term seeming to be strictly related specifically to a “new” CDUA application which this absolutely not. Is due process suspect here to, for how can anyone justify that the TMT cam start at the contested case
    stage and simultaneously force vested parties to apply as a beginning case designation, “incidentally” mandating the marginalizing $100 burden upon the public whose onus it should
    not be to pay for a development to get a permit on the publics property interest. Gosh… “seen as just,” due process? Playing with fire guys and thus is just the first pre hearing… what a plethora of valid possible concerns.

    Hope Amano spends two hours on each motion as she benefited the TMT with yesterday even before following the due process of confirming them as parties at all. Wow does that not seem to indicate a predetermined intent? Because at the same time Amano enforced that requirement when other participant applicants tried to get the same treatment as would usually be just… sheesh and I don’t even have to berate supporters or contrive groups to get seemingly unfair representation in this case. Where’s that “appearance of justice?”

    Even if I supported the TMT on Mauna Kea, and no way in hell I will ever, but in a world where the detriment and precedent a permit to build would magically and deliciously not put corporate unnecessary non-necessity to chase unicorns (“what ifs”) before that of living breathing human beings whom laws were invented by and intended to protect, I would
    consider all of this bad bad business and short sighted incapable management.

    Maybe we have a lot more valid objections to be heard…

    Not sure but truly don’t see how each of the above is clearly a policy defined and protected under these rules and official due processes of contested court hearings?

    And thats the other reason Im here.

    To clearly define better the disservice of a seemingly purposely vague and confusing process that according to its intent by law is supposed to be user friendly for the general public and not a process requiring a lawyer.

    Is that another objection?

    Now to research and provide hard reference to validate a motion and avoid frivolous characterization so as to be worth the time of the surely honorable judge.

    That all being said I think you can see the value in insight and cost effective concerns I could provide while saving our Mauna from further desecration and industrialization.

    I’d surely like to turn these lemons into lemonade and set precedent for future generations who may also face the ethnocidal forces of continental mentalities unfit to manage island resources. This is paramount to me and the countless generations that will live or die in alternate scenarios this TMT unethically turns an culturally arrogant corporate institutionalized racist eye to.

    Hey… you wanna work with me to save the world from exhausting our subsistence resources completely? I mean its no unicorn or “what if” its actually a reachable outcome but you have to feel the ethic in your heart and soul.

    Would not that be a legacy of benevolence that only the unseen and unknown here on earth could grant us… life.

    Life is sacred. You may not think so but thats the message I received to
    give to you just now from the sacred to put on your back burner and for even myself to because the truth of sacred message need not be patronizing for “there are more things in heaven and earth than our dreamed of in your philosophy”- for both of us, this quote.

    Get your revelation on. I know you are feeling a transformation and an aha moment like everyone else. We are on the same side. Its just that one side does not need to contrive, scheme and demonize the true spiritual realities of the other. Thats too similar to an extermination mentality.

    The propaganda from the very incapable and backfiring TMT media spin-doctor team is wasting your corporations money. Contriving an argument I recently saw published today that insinuated malice from our opposition and proposed the unfounded allegation that those against the permit and TMT being built on Mauna Kea were closes to the idea of “science” and the summit living in harmony. However dear, subsistence is all about harmony. Whose bright idea was it to contrive that harmony and science is a narrative that is occurring?

    I’m an anthropology degree holder with special focus on the infinite inner space of genetics and the intense science of forensic anthropology.

    Tell your Media team to stop contriving insinuations and narratives that no one is engaging in. We have a tight world wide network of viral support with active participants and advocates organizing an taking action around the world using Sacred Hui blog here as their most trusted go-to reliable source for the truth of the JOURNEY we are on all together for over 100 countries and over 86,000 participants and counting. We recently updated our language count having our blog posts translated into 78 different languages.

    And no monies.

    If things go as they should and the just outcome comes out of a just process lets change the world and redefine a paradigm in which development, sciences, and human rights and ethics as upheld by the Socratic Oath, do not need to be contrived but become reality

    This is not a confrontation of
    opposing sides, this is an opportunity for a better world, a better humanity and a better western cultural institution and social structure (like all other social structures) you faithfully chase your unicorns with with just as much faith and suspension of reality as we do. Make room for all in your paradigm currently and unaccountably maintaining a culture of superiority stemming from the blue prints of Sciences foundations built on the unethical and moral human, yet deeply rooted mores and unquestioned norms of a mere social structure called Science.

    Thanks for unspiring me. Im glad we met. Aloha. You are a blessing of light and I don’t think your potential to experience life is only vested in the race superiority founded and established social structure, a mere cultural custom, practice and belief you justify and call science.

    I call mine “subsistence” in the inadequate parameters of English. And its aspect of the undefinable unseen force of creation and the plane we call in English “existence” is not superior for any reason other than the ethnocentric superiority and aggressive culture of domination and ethnocide that happens to hold the status quo in this life. Aloha.

    Mahalo for your point.


  2. If by “certain groups” you mean those who attended, I can see that. And, yes, I was surprised, too, when she didn’t ask you about why you were two minutes late on submitting your application. But when she had already let William Freitas be a party after he was 13 days late with his application, I think it was a moot point. Funny that I ended up sitting beside both of y’all. It was good to meet you in person! Aloha!


    • Lets remember its not true to state that as a fact. My defense and explanation is more valid and acceptable than you may be able to imagine. So no it is not a fact that I was 2 minutes late as you state. This is a mere allegation. Be honest and objective that was not at all the reality but mere frivolous allegation. See these are things you need help on. For some reason you folks have got it in your head that you can engender negative perspectives and not have to deal with consequenses of helping grow the opposition because dear, why do you need to falsely represent a mere allegation as some kind of solid fact that was affirmed and ruled upon? That’s not good science to represent data disjngenuously. If this is your feeling than make thaf clear. You state the allegations as if they were not allegations. Maybe misspeak or desparate attempt to try to doscredit something that you feel
      I bring to the table and significantly threatens your TMT dreams.

      The frivolousness of the allegation is already bad PR as well. Even if I were 2 minutes late. It demonstrates a clear lack of good will and intent- a selfish one and in Hawaii Aloha is important and the TMT being of mostly foreign lands and origins in funding is a malihini and guest in out beautiful Hawaii. And as a guest there are more appropriate ways of treating your hosts and their home. Now this is strictly in regard to the TMT and not a remark to your person.

      You will learn and appreciate the power of true aloha sooner or later. And it will be a good thing for you.

      I’m sure this exchange itself, because of your obvious coloring of the truth is not impressing the public as good will or aloha, and even your supporters may soon feel less than righteous in supporting this TMT or support your groups permitting.

      I mean you are obviously intelligent and most likely way smarter than I, so don’t bring yourself down to such non-intelligent discourse by resorting to fallacies of arguments. We are both better than that… unless of course you know and have adopted as your tactic that kind of underhanded misrepresentation of truth.. in fear that your TMT will not be built because you already know it intends to continue to circumvent law and demonize the good people we are blessed to sit with, but I think maybe thats not so and you may be a good person that may not know fallacies and misrepresentations are not needed if your intent is to abide by law.

      It was really awesome meeting you as well and very nice to sit actually and kind of interact a bit. You are an awesome person and your spirit shines brightly. Aloha.


  3. Interesting headline. Saying the judge will allow “certain groups” to participate implies that some groups were excluded. In fact, the judge allowed *all* petitioners who were present and wished to be a party to the case to do so – even the ones who missed the deadline to file, and that includes you, Brannon.


    • Thats what Hilo alleged and Amano did not find the need to entertain nor allow me to defend what was alleged. Just because Hilo wrote it down doesn’t make it fact there are many factors involved and its not necessarily true to say otherwise. When I tried to clarify if I was needing to address the allegation with an answer as the Freitas’ were required, she didn’t want to address UH Hilo’s allegations.

      As for the title I need to check, pretty sure it came from the source but must confirm.

      And honestly these groups are certain groups that were able and
      willing to participate in this process so am sure its accurate.

      If you will remember my request for consideration that was stifled as Amano changed the subject and avoided addressing the question by suggesting I was addressing complying to the requirements made of petitioners… I stated it was not just for my interest.

      There are many other groups who are disadvantaged by the erroneous placement of the exclusive location of Hilo and this does not line up with documented and well known existing historical and living cultural sites across the chain exemplifying the reverence and spiritual regards and practices associated with the Mauna from pre-Cook affected advent of genocide and before up until
      present day. This immediately excludes a majority of vested lawful interests from the process intended to include all and serve
      justice and due process to all. My thoughts were on these organizations if I did create the title. Let me check the source of this notice. Aloha.


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