Mauna Update: The Goddess is Present!



The GODDESS is present for Her Contested Case intervention… and we will meet her as she has come to meet us, this Summer, on the very week of the Contested Court Case that tries to keep Her off of our own Mauna. Very nice indeed.

Kulo i ke alo kapu o ka pua hiapo o Kane, ka Wahine noho ana i ke kuahiwi e kapa hau laa lani o ka Piko a me ka Makahiapo o Wakea. O Mauna Kea ka hanau mua o Haloa ke alii mua loa o keia aina a kakou e kapa ia o Hawaii.

[Lower your head in reverence to the presence of the eldest child of Kane, the Goddess residing in the upper regions who has cloaked her mantle upon it with Her sacred, heavenly snow at the Piko and upon the very firstborn of Wakea. Mauna Kea the first born to Haloa the very first chief of this land we call Hawaii.]

Just because some are deaf and blind to the spiritual does not make it any less to the truth of the manifestation and its cause however you describe it.

She is here.

I focus on the confrontation and engage with only Her this week as we embark on that journey to stop the re-permitting of the TMT atrocity.

13 Telescopes is ENOUGH in an endangered species environment.

These lands are those that all Hawaii Nationals are confirmed as having “property interest,” as well as cultural rights, in, as accorded by the recent Supreme Court Decision remanding the first fraudulently obtained permit.

The majority are the ones who actually engage the confrontation on its level and not the ones who spin-doctor, but don’t show up.

Hope to see you all there Friday, in Hilo where the 30+ intervenors will petition the Court, I am blessed to be among them and in the presence of the Goddess.

Everything else is manini, insignificant.

Stay focused.

Don’t be distracted.

This State process that allows the unethical and blatant industrialization and annihilation of an endangered species environment is a farce. We will not let that continue any longer.

Face the battle and do not be distracted.

Please continue to CLICK, CONSIDER, AND SHARE.



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