Let us remember again WHY Mauna Kea is sacred among MANY other reasons. Best to watch with HD enabled.

6/11/16 UPDATE:

Please Click and Share this link and post to help. Let’s keep winning until our Mauna is safe:


(Best view in HD; sharing is caring)

We are at the second leg petitioning to be part of the decision making process that for the re-permitting of the industrial attrocity- the Thirty Meter Telescope on our beautiful and Sacred Mauna. Please continue to share our gofundme as costs are marginalizing our people from this process and contested court hearing.

Click and Share and know that we are so grateful. We need all the help we can get. Let’s keep winning:


Our world wide viral platform and blog could also use more writers on all topics supporting the Mauna. Letting all know! Please consider:


#aoletmt #lethawaiihappen #gohawaii #kukahauUla

Sacred Mauna Kea

Sacred. Sacred. Sacred.
Let us gather and organize. The construction of the TMT must be halted like the groundbreaking. No means NO. Construction is set to begin any day, presumably after the last snowfall. There are rumors that machinery is being escorted up to the Mauna by the military. If anyone has visual confirmation please take a picture and confirm or message me. Enough is enough. Stand. Fight. For more information or to get involved or to help contact:
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