Forced to PAY to protect PUBLIC TRUST LANDS

Sacred Hui members and others are striving to petition the re-permitting process to be a part of that “decision” on whether or not the TMT shall desecrate further our Sacred Mauna. The WORLD’S Sacred Mauna and Piko

Let’s keep winning. But to do so we NEED you!

The hardship forced upon us by the broken BLNR/DLNR system that allows the inhumanity of the TMT to threaten our burial grounds and falsely quantify the threat to our endangered species environments and water aquifer to “zero” must be infiltrated and corrected.

Please help us mitigate the extortion that the BLNR/DLNR and TMT force upon us through fees and exclusive court proceedings hundreds of miles away from the majority with lawful interest and concern in this case.

We have come this far but the hardships of costs are being used by the DLNR/BLNR and TMT to keep lawful stake holders off the table and we cannot do it without you.

Please click and share our gofundme @

We have come this far. We are winning. Lets continue to win and stop the inhumanity! We are almost there! Ever little bit helps and every share helps!

Thank you.

Ku Kiai Mauna #kukahauula #AoleTMT

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