Crowdfunding Charity Needed and Appreciated!

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As members of the Sacred Mauna Kea Hui solicit the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) to protect their property and cultural lawful interests it has been understood that the BLNR will be holding hearings and deliberations in Hilo.

That in hand with the notification that these petitioners have to pay a $100 fee to protect their interest from the permitting process the Sacred Mauna Kea Hui Fund, fresh from critical examination and vindication of its expenditures and records, will be going back online.

Costs being enforced by the seemingly pro-TMT BLNR permitting process and the choice of the BLNR to limit the Piko of the World’s deliberations in Hilo, when many like those at the Poliahu Heiau in Kauai, are not exclusively in Hilo, require that we plead again to the public to find it in their heart, and if able, support the multi-intergenerational authentic traditional practices that are being marginalized from a lawful place on the table because of these unnecessary and wrongfully demanded fees.

With all the aloha in our hearts we continue to stand for the Mauna. If able will you continue to support our Mauna?

Please consider making a donation. Any amount is appreciated and every dollar and every cent continues to be honored and vindicated through scrutiny for exactly what we are doing here collectively HELP US SAVE OUR MAUNA.

The TMT will not be built! But only if we are allowed to have our rightful place at this table.

Mahalo Nui.

Donations are continuing to be accepted at:

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