Time, Place Set For First Hilo TMT Contested Case Conference

Big Island Video News

Right now, the list of parties requesting to intervene in the contested case redux is Harry Fergerstrom, Wai’ala Ahn, Ana Nawahine-Kaho’opi’i, Edward K. Akiona, Richard L DeLeon, Joseph Kualil Lindsey Camara, Hãlonaikaiopuna Mikala-Jiro Fukutomi, Crystal F. West, Mehana Kihoi, C. M. Kaho’okahi Kanuha, Ivy Mcintosh, Eric Hansen, Wilma H. Holi, Jennifer Leina’ala Sleighthoim, Moses Kealamakia Jr., Patricia P. Ikeda, Ricky Cassiday, Michelle Cabalse, Michael Lee, Maelani Lee, Lincoln S. T. Ashida (PUEO), Linda Namauu, Watanabe Ing LLP (TMT), and Keahi Tajon.

Two new names requesting to be admitted as a party to the contested case: Maile Taualii PhD, MPH and Danelle Cooper MPH, who are against the TMT permit because they say it is their duty “to ensure the highest level of health for Indigenous/Aboriginal People and to ensure their human rights to health and culture.”

“As public health professionals,” Taualii and Cooper stated in their request, “we are concerned in protecting the health of Native Hawaiians by stopping the desecration of Mauna Kea. Building the TMT on Mauna Kea has a negative health impact on Native Hawaiian communities. The TMT has a harmful impact on the cultural practices associated with Mauna Kea. We have data presenting that doing traditional practices is a protective factor against high distress in Aboriginal/Indigenous People. This can be correlated with how the TMT will obstruct cultural practices for Native Hawaiians, which will lead to high distress in the communities.”

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