TMT Construction Machines ILLEGALLY stationed in Endangered Species Environment & Sacred Summit


via FB Groupfrom Nomi Carmona Kai Ula:
from Nomi Carmona:
So I contacted DLNR at 808-587-0400 to politely inquire what their timeline is for removal of the TMT construction equipment from the Mauna, and what the daily fines might be for having illegal equipment in a conservation district, they cannot comment, will transfer me to communications department. But they refer me to the AG.
They transfer me to the Deputy Attorney General’s offices at 808-585-1500, they don’t know either, but have assured me they will call me back. I’m a bit alarmed the attorney I spoke with seemed to be unaware of the statutes surrounding such an important issue, but, I would rather them say they don’t know than give me a shaky answer and the gentleman seemed kind, took down all my information, and told me I would be called back.
I also reached out to a contact at the Institute for Astronomy and they also are unsure at this point as well and still processing the news.
I called the TMT HQ in Pasadena at (626) 395-1619 which is the number listed in the Google directory for their business, it went to the voicemail of a man named, “Gordon.” So I called Sandra Dawson, TMT Manager, Hawaii Community Affairs at 808-934-0160 and it went to voicemail, but her mailbox is full and cannot accept calls at this time. So I texted her a polite quick question in regards to my inquiry, but even though the mailbox is full, the message was returned as undeliverable to a landline it seems.
So I called TMT’s media contact (no name listed) at (808) 284-9922 and it indicates a mobile phone was off going straight to voicemail, no name, and I left a detailed message about my inquiry and texted the same.
I called the Office of Mauna Kea Management at (808) 933-0734 to inquire the same, someone answered but the call dropped before I could ask. I called back and it went to voicemail. I waited 5 minutes and called back from a blocked number. I was able to speak to a very nice lady who also didn’t know, said I should try TMT or DLNR or the AG. We were both surprised the AG didn’t already have a clear understanding of what comes next and it would seem the TMT’s next move would be to pull the equipment, but will DLNR enforce it? Nobody seems to know.
I called the DLNR back to inquire again if they are aware of fines for the equipment in a conservation district. Went to voicemail, selected conservation department, all calls being routed to Oahu Conservation Control, which didn’t know either! Nobody knows! Gave me big island enforcement division number at 808-933-3450 main office hawaii island branch of DLNR conservation resource enforcement.
Called Hawaii island branch of DLNR conservation resource enforcement, no answer, left message.
I contacted the University of Hawaii Chancellor’s office to inquire the same, they transferred me to Dan at 808-956-5942. Media Production Department. Got his voicemail. Left a message. Urgent questions directed to main office 808-956-8856, which also did not answer. Left a message.
I contacted the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (808) 920-6418, they directed me to their main Oahu office at 808-594-1835. No answer. Left a message.
So while I can’t be there in person today for sunrise and court due to family commitments and flight schedules, I am just doing my due diligence from home and I will keep you posted on behalf of Babes Against Biotech. I will also reach out to a couple of attorneys for an opinion and if anyone can find it first I will be very happy! About to dig into conservation law and see if I can’t find out for myself. Mahalo and aloha ʻāina.
KŪ KIAʻI MAUNA! ‪#‎lonoikamakahiki‬ ‪#‎alohaaina‬ ‪#‎wearemaunakea‬ ‪#‎TMTshutdown‬ ‪#‎protectmaunakea‬ ‪#‎kukiaimauna‬ ‪#‎kukiaihonua‬ ‪#‎protectwhatyoulove‬


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