The youngest member of the Sacred Mauna Kea Hui can teach us all a lesson.

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The youngest member of the Sacred Mauna Kea Hui can teach us all a lesson.

My nephew was a strong warrior as he saw his father getting arrested.

With a pretty calm demeanor and confidence that he knew it would be ok he said to me after the arrest:
“We gotta go get my dad, he got arrested ok?”

I told him:
“Yup. No worry.” Say I. Pulling him in to the ti leaf protection… more, so he could not see me making salt with my eyes. Because no matter what happened this we would do.

And he turned and continued to walk up the mountain while his dad was hauled away.

Eyes on the goal.

With his faith and courage in mind I sat myself down.

The two Akua stones had someone move them into the blockade and there I was blessed to consecrate them with 24 hula dancers, 12 on each side resolute that the TMT workers, DLNR, and Hawaii Police officers would not past.

They danced and chanted while I prayed and chanted with them to another Mele of the same manao.

Sacred Union.
First chief.

Waiakane was all we had physically to offer.


The police stood and just watched. Some weeped openly.

We held ground for an hour before we realized that the police were throwing the towel in for that day.

They would not pass further.

Moved the two Akua to a safer place and that is the way it went down for me.

Took the nephew and his tutu and headed down.

Waited for his dad.

Blessed that another donor bailed everyone out. Whoever you are Sacred Mauna Kea thanks you.

There were 750-1000 protectors there that day.

If we are forced to do the same thing again let’s make it 7,500.

But we have faith and aloha that Ige has the capacity to do the right thing and allow the Supreme Court of Hawaii to weigh in on the matter BEFORE allowing our Mauna to be further desecrated because we will lay our bodies down.

Myself, my nephew, his father and tutu.

This is Ige’s chance to be on the right side of history.

My nephew had no hesitation.

Take his lead.

Be strong.

Legislate with aloha.

[Please consider donating to
The generations need you. I would be humbled if you chose to‪#‎VoteKamahana‬ for Oahu candidate for the upcoming Aha being forced upon the Hawaiian people to establish a Hawaiian Government to negotiate with the U.S.]

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