Mauna Kea TMT Showdown Resumes June 24, 2015 Part 1-3 (VIDEO)

2012 The Awakening

Ed. Note: Powerful, moving footage as protestors once again take a Stand for Mauna Kea to blockade construction which was scheduled to resume on June 24 , the event went peacefully on behalf of  protestors. Some of the law enforcement officers are to be commended for respecting the cause and working with protestors in an honorable manner, without incident. Other officers from DLNR were somewhat forceful and disrespectful to protestors during the arrests.

It’s interesting to note that some of the ranking officials were consciously aware their jobs came in direct opposition with family, friends, neighbors and their personal cultural beliefs and were visibly shaken by having to “follow orders”.  The gentleman from DLNR towards the end of Part 2 is a perfect example of someone who should look for another line of work because he knows in his heart that supporting the destruction of sacred lands is wrong.


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