For Immediate Release – SACRED MAUNA KEA HUI PRESS RELEASE 6/20/2015

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Kamahana Kealoha
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Aloha mai kākou,

Sacred Mauna Kea Hui would like to respond to the TMT’s press release sent to local news media earlier tonight, June 20th 2015:

“SMKH reaffirms strongly, proudly and with all aloha our commitment to reinforce the blockade and continue to pursue legal routes while being forced to protect the Mauna with our bodies.

SMKH strongly feels that many laws have been circumvented that make UH, DLNR, the State of Hawaii and the TMT project disparagingly liable for breach of law and legal processes and with the Supreme Court case confirmed that it would be illegal, immoral and unethical for the TMT project and its supports to disallow the full and entire process of law to run its course regardless of the Governor’s relinquishing of responsibility in giving the ok for the TMT project to move forward.

We implore the Governor, UH, DLNR, the State of Hawaii and the TMT project to rescind its intention to continue desecration and violation of the mandate to steward the endangered species environment that is our Mountain’s summit and reaffirm that all these entities are subject to all responsibility for the well-being of the Mauna and protectors being forced by the Governor, UH, DLNR, the State of Hawaii and the TMT project to put body, freedom and life in jeopardy in order to facilitate the just process of law that is still in motion and should be respected.

SMKH reaffirms its commitment to continue to call on its world wide and local support for all protection efforts of the Mauna including continuing to put our bodies between the desecration of construction and our sacred Mauna and endangered species environment so poorly managed and neglected in regards to legal mandates set in place currently meant to protect the conservation district and cultural resources that are the Piko, or sacred summit of our First born elder Mauna Kea.”

Kamahana Kealoha
Head Facilitator
Sacred Mauna Kea Hui

We continue to agree with the Governor’s criticism on the mismanagement of Mauna Kea. Sacred Mauna Kea Hui’s opinion, however, on the TMT project remains in regards to the TMT project’s intent to continue regardless of the fact that there is a pending Supreme Court case confirmation to review this matter.

From Governor David Ige’s press conference:

  • The importance of respecting our host culture and the special places of Hawai‘i.
  • The critical role that science and technology play in the economic and educational life of our community. Our young people need to reach for the stars, literally and figuratively.
  • Respect for the laws and the process of seeking and receiving approvals to do work in Hawai‘i.
  • The need in all of our work as government, and as people, to take the time to listen, and to learn, from each other and especially from those who feel they have not been heard.
  • To act always with aloha.

For further information:

Twitter: @SacredMaunaKea
Blog: to learn more.
Sacred Mauna Kea Hui has been collecting news statements and stories of interest to counter the pro-TMT media bias. We welcome submissions by other writers, as long as these are in line with our belief of protecting Sacred Mauna Kea against the desecration of the TMT and other corporate ventures.


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