Kayaktivist Showdown with Shell in Seattle


As the successful and courageous activists in their kayaks, in freezing wet temperatures out their bodies on the line to fight the inhumanity of indiscriminate development state: We must THROW DOWN!

Courage and Action = REVOLUTION


2012 The Awakening

Other 98% has been working tirelessly on-the-ground with activists and organizations in the Pacific Northwest on the #ShellNo campaign. We want to stop Shell from destroying the fragile Arctic and the Climate.

The kayaktivists’ showdown with Shell’s Arctic rig has been all over the news this week. Please support our work to turn the ShellNo moment into a ShellNo movement.

At 3:30 a.m.on Monday, I helped a Mosquito Fleet of kayaks launch from the deck of our solar powered barge, The People’s Platform. I watched through teary eyes as kayaktivists paddled out to block Shell’s monstrous drill rig from leaving port. Then my daughter Hazel and I joined them.

It was a motley crew of 40 or so small boats; among the paddlers were Seattle City Council member Mike O’Brien, a Lummi canoe family, my wife Genevieve and 10-year old son Sam, and our web developer, Kelly Mears (who may need…

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