The War on Doing

2012 The Awakening

apathyEverything is NOT OK.  We are in the middle of World War 3, and I don’t need a politician to formally announce that on a corporate controlled media station in order to acknowledge that this is the case.   This is a financial war, a technology war, an information war, a psychological war, a spiritual war, and a war on doing.

Perhaps the hardest part of this war, is that it has not yet been officially declared, therefore average people don’t have the ability to cope. If you think about it, during WWI and WW2 there was a common knowledge that generally stated “We are in war and things are different now, so we have to work differently.” For many, this gave people strength to ban together, to endure, to find a way through their hardships. It provided some reasoning for some of the atrocities that were occurring. We don’t…

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  1. Also, Check out the June 13th Global Financial Report posted by Lots about the major financial trends and the titanic conflict between the Federal Reserve system and the rising Chinese-led bloc. Jon

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