Was a Bullet Fired at a Mauna Kea Observatory?

The Sacred Mauna Kea Hui denounces this act if this really happened. If this did happen we caution the public and all entities to not jump to conclusions as it may have been a hunting accident or perhaps an accident having nothing to do with the protection of the Mauna. We hope that sensationalism would be avoided and that the authorities do a thorough job of finding out if this really happened. We continue to look forward to making progress in completely stopping this TMT atrocity, but with all the civil means possible for the safety and well being of all participants and the sacred area of the summit.

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2 responses to “Was a Bullet Fired at a Mauna Kea Observatory?

  1. Last time I checked, the TMT was a precision instrument for gaining knowledge about our Universe…….not an atrocity. Just saying.


    • Anything that effects ethnocide and displaces 1.7 million tons of land in a protected species environment, stores 15,000 gallons of waste (5,000 of those gallons Toxic waste), while effecting ethnocide upon a people and devaluing their knowledge base for the benefit of another people who cannot replicate that knowledge base ironically, is an atrocity. Just saying.

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