Hawaii’s Mauna Kea: Sacred Site or Science Spot? – BBC London World Update 5/28/2015 Interview with Kamahana Kealoha

Kamahana on the phone

Sacred Mauna Kea Hui head facilitator Kamahana Kealoha is interviewed by the BBC London World Update.

Tune in here: BBC World Update: Hawaii’s Mauna Kea: Sacred Site or Science Spot?

“There are plans to build a large telescope on the top of Hawaii’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea. The telescope would be the second largest in the world, measuring 30 meters across. Scientists say it is crucial to understanding the universe as the spot is well located with clear skies and can see large parts of both the northern and southern skies. But the mountain is a sacred site in Hawaiian culture, and some Hawaiians oppose the project and say that there are already 13 telescopes on Mauana Kea. Kamahana Kealoha is one of the people leading the protests.”

Kamahana’s full video recording of the interview: https://sacredmaunakea.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/bbc-london-world-update-interview/

4 responses to “Hawaii’s Mauna Kea: Sacred Site or Science Spot? – BBC London World Update 5/28/2015 Interview with Kamahana Kealoha

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    • We are talking about toxic waste like the 7 recorded Mercury spills a stones throw away from the water aquifer. You can hold that Mercury poisoned water up vertically all you want- it doesn’t make it safe or acceptable that we should allow our fresh water to be contaminated in anyway whatsoever- no matter how the risk is calculated, guess what? It’s still a risk. And one not worth taking for a culture that has destroyed an entire islands water table in the past making the entire island uninhabitable. Same things that made Kahoolawe uninhabitable- toxic chemicals and bombing-
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