Why I Declined the TMT THINK Scholarship – Civil Beat

I needed this money, and I felt that I had earned it through all the hard work I had put in while earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees. On the other hand it felt like I was being bought. Could I really take that money, knowing that it was part of a payout that had brought pain to so many? How would I judge myself in five years time?

… I decided that even though this money would mean that I wouldn’t have to struggle to pay my rent this semester, I had to go with my naʻau and decline the award. I respectfully decline the award, and appreciate the selection committee deciding that I was a worthy recipient. This money was meant to get students interested in STEM, but I am working on my third STEM degree, and I will finish it without support from TMT, the same way I started.

For the other THINK scholarship recipients, I understand that there may be those who are feeling conflicted. I know that for some of you, this might make or break your decision to finish your degree. It will be your choice whether to accept this money, and I will be supportive of each of your decisions no matter what you choose, but I have made my choice.

Someone once told me that by taking the low-hanging fruit, I might miss out on the sweetest fruit at the top of the tree, even though it might be more work to reach. I will not stop reaching for the top of that tree, even though the climb may be difficult.

I am not afraid to work hard to achieve my goal, so if anyone is hiring a freelance molecular biologist, please let me know.

via Why I Declined the TMT THINK Scholarship – Civil Beat.

2 responses to “Why I Declined the TMT THINK Scholarship – Civil Beat

  1. I’ve been looking into the reasons why people are protesting the TMT and came across this post. I’m saddened that the people of Hawaii feel they are being disregarded or their sacred land is being violated. But I feel the outrage is horribly misplaced. The TMT is for ALL mankind and everyone’s connection to the universe. It’s construction and use will bring mankind as a whole closer to the universe. It will be the eyes of mankind, brought to your sacred mountain to learn about the universe and will give a powerful medicine to the world. You protest because you feel your sacred mountain will be violated when in reality your sacred mountain will bring untold truth and sacred knowledge to the entire world and all of mankind! What could possibly be more sacred than that? While I appreciate your feeling of being violated, your protest is stopping your own sacred mountain from being directly responsible for changing mankind as a whole and bringing us all closer to the universe…


  2. I commend your sacrifice and appreciate your support of our islands. I may have a need for a freelance molecular biologist, feel free to contact me via Facebook. This is real so I hope you get back to me. Aloha

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