Stewardship by UH to protect Maunakea for future generations > Hawaii Free Press

Since 2000, Maunakea has been under stewardship of the Office of Maunakea Management whose mission is to protect the natural, cultural and scientific resources of the mountain through community-led management. The Office of Maunakea Management’s 2009 Comprehensive Management Plan, approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources, is the state’s overarching management plan for Maunakea.

The comprehensive management plan covers four major areas of responsibility, explained below:

Public access
Cultural resources management
Natural resources management
Decommissioning of the observatories
The plan also contains actions governing the management of construction activities, activities and uses, and education and outreach.

Download: Maunakea Comprehensive Management Plan (PDF)
A 1998 state auditor’s report voiced concerns about UH management on Maunakea, but a 2014 follow-up audit noted that UH and the Department of Land and Natural Resources “have made progress on implementing many of our major recommendations… thus demonstrating their commitment to protecting Mauna Kea and its summit area.” Download the auditor’s report.

Office of Maunakea Management mission statement

“Achieve harmony, balance and trust in the sustainable management and stewardship of the Maunakea Science Reserve through community involvement and programs that protect, preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and recreational resources of Maunakea while providing a world-class center dedicated to education, research and astronomy.”

via Stewardship by UH to protect Maunakea for future generations > Hawaii Free Press.

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