Speech: Lanakila Mangauil on the TMT – from The Hawaii Independent 4/25/2015


Transcript of activist and Kū Kiaʻi Mauna organizer Lanakila Mangauil’s speech, delivered at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ Thursday, April 23 meeting, concerning the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Aloha Mai Kākou.

This movement is something that has opened the eyes of the world. Being on that mauna and seeing so many young people involved is really beautiful. However, our cheeks are soaked with the tears of our kupuna who have come up to give us their blessings.

I am a product of the efforts of your generation to re-introduce Hawaiian culture into our education system; mahalo nui. And it is just like bruddah Kahoʻokahi said: Yeah, you basically created these avenues for us, so now you deal with us [laughter from the room]. We are the products of your prayers; of your sacrifices; of your hard work. We were taught and trained in the traditions of our kupuna, as well as guided to be able to survive in this Western world.

How we have conducted ourselves on the mauna, of all things, is what calls attention to us; the world is watching how we conduct our Kapu Aloha. Thousands and thousands of people have already visited the mauna in just these few weeks. We have spoken to hundreds of visitors to our islands who have come up the mauna; and we talk with them, we educate them. We’ve comforted kupuna who have come up the mauna, but can do little more than cry. We comfort them because we know that they went through their suffering for us; we are the products of your prayers.


The idea of, and the perspective on, progress is much different for many in our generation than it was for those in generations past. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn our ʻāina, how the land actually works, and to put it first. What the generation before has called progress, I call suicide.

Are we against technology and science? No. But we want science that is relevant, clean and practical. We’re not against the TMT. Just don’t put it on our mauna. We’ll help you guys find another place to put it. Just not here.


My point is humanity needs something else right now. More tangents and more distractions that cause us to look even farther away from our kuleana right here is not what we need right now. Going up there and searching the universe? Maybe one day, when we’ve earned the right to.

You say we need to be looking for a new planet and a new home, I say if we cannot even take care of this one that we don’t deserve it. If we can teach ourselves to be loyal to our home, to take care of our environment as our kupuna did; to become intricate parts of our environment—not an outside entity acting on and corrupting our environment, but an actual part of our environment—then we may actually earn that right. But until that day; wrong mountain, wrong time, wrong people.

Mahalo nui.

(read full article here)

Source: The Hawaii Independent

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