Physics, history, religion and culture: “Protests halt telescope construction on Hawaiian mountain” – from 4/20/2015


“To [the University of Hawaii], understanding one creation story is more important than the creation story of the islands they occupy”
Kamahana Kealoha, Sacred Mauna Kea Hui

Upon seeing the concerns raised through the protests, some astronomers have begun to ask if construction of the observatory should continue. Emily Rice of the College of Staten Island in New York says that the astronomy community needs to talk about the issues raised by the protestors. “The discussion can’t just be science, funding and environmental impact. It has to be history, religion and culture,” she says. “Those [aspects] are things that scientists traditionally tend to stay away from. But we really can’t, in good faith, ignore these aspects of our work anymore.” (read full article here)

Source: Liz Kruesi for

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