In Hawaii, protesters put the construction of the telescope to break

The mobilization is growing in Hawaii. For two and a half weeks, tens or even hundreds of protesters gather daily at the summit of Mauna Kea volcano. Their goal: to get it to stop the construction of the most powerful telescope in the world. And they won the first battle: the governor of the US state, David Ige, ordered the temporary suspension of work. A break of one week, which has just been extended for another week, until next Monday. Officially, this ruling should allow different parties to discuss the project. But there is a gap between the interests of TMT, Thirty Meter Telescope, and the battle of the demonstrators. They consider that the mountain is sacred and it has already been too damaged by previous constructions. For some native Hawaiians, is the summit of Mauna Kea begins the story of creation. It is also a burial place of the ancestors and a house of gods. Kamahana Kealoha is one of the organizers of the mobilization against the construction of the telescope: “This is to protect the environment, which is crucial. It is also a question about the rights of indigenous peoples. We therefore appreciate the support of university students involved in the thousands, also appreciate the support we receive from abroad, from Australia. But we still have a ways to go. Even if we got a break until April 20, we want and we hope that the authorities will reconsider how the agreements were signed, for their own good. ” The Thirty Meter Telescope has received permission from the State of Hawaii. The organization, which depends on the University of California and the California Institute of Technology, sub-lease the land to the University of Hawaii, which manages the area at the top of the mountain. But the native Hawaiians believe that the laws have not been complied with, and they have filed several complaints against the project. The 30-meter telescope is expected to require 10 years of work, at a cost of $ 1.4 billion . The unit shall allow astronomers to make observations to millions of light years from the earth. Radio Australia

via In Hawaii, protesters put the construction of the telescope to break.

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