Mauna Kea construction halted for one week | Māori Television

Māori Television



Imagine freedom. Imagine protecting our Mauna.

THIS is the Kahoolawe of our time and I call upon all of our hoahanau o ka iewe HOOKAHI to STAND.

A lahui united for truth amd justice is a FREE lahui. Our Mauna deserves sanctitiy.


Mauna Kea construction halted for one week

In a press statement the Sacred Mauna Kea Hui Facilitator, Kamahana Kealoha responded saying while his group appreciates a reprieve from the desecration of their sacred mountain summit and endangerment of their fresh water and endangered species in the area there are still major concerns.

He says, “this reprieve will also give the multi-billion dollar international TMT corporation, which has been allowed to circumvent the law, time to begin there process of identifying a new location outside of Hawaii for their TMT project. We also hope that this one week moratorium will give the State of Hawaii, as well as the University of Hawaii and the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the time needed to review the possible breaches of public trust the TMT project has caused. It will also give the DLNR time to review the possible abuses of the Conservation District Use Application process, a process that has permitted complete industrialisation and desecration of a sacred conservation district and endangered species environment.”

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via Mauna Kea construction halted for one week | Māori Television.

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