One response to “Chad Ahia Counters Assertions that Kānaka Maoli are Anti-Science

  1. I am not Anti-Science, I am from Maui, Kanaka Maoli, I feel upset that you Scientists want to build on more Sacred Land, like how the constructions of stores and hotels being built on Burriel Lands & have the Ohana to relocate the Iwi of their Loved ones remains to put in differant places……THIS IS SO NOT PONO (RIGHT)….ITS LIKE WE STILL LIVING LIKE HOW OUR PARENTS, TUTU-KANE & WAHINE & OUR OHANA’S BEFORE THAT, INCLUDING OUR MO’I WAHINE & MO’I KANE HAD LIVED & WAS FORCED TO DO THAT WAS NOT RIGHT….YOU WHITE MAN FORCED THEM TO SPEAK ENGLISH, OUT OF THEIR HOMES…YOU FORCED THEM TO GIVE UP THEIR HAWAIIAN BIBLE TO YOUR ENGLISH BIBLE…..WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAD ENOUGH OF PUSHING & SHOVING….. IT SADDENS MY HEART & I SHED TEARS FOR ALL MY KUPUNA’S PAST & PRESENT…..


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