4/7/15 Trending on Instagram #TMTshutdown

Trending now on Instagram about #MaunaKea and #TMTshutdown.


4-7-15 prideofgypesies
PC: Famed actor Jason Momoa taking a stand. <https://instagram.com/prideofgypsies/&gt;

4-7-15 iamtywaa
PC: @iamtywaa on Mauna Kea, 4/7/15

4-7-15 hanoquared
PC: @hanosquared at the University of Hawaii Maui College


4-7-15 malialia

PC: @malialia

4-7-15 skeaulana

PC: @skeaulana Nanakuli showing support for #MaunaKea

4-7-15 kekoopono

PC: @kekoopono

4-7-15 mananora808 campbell high school

PC: @mananora808 Campbell High School #StandUP to #ProtectMaunaKea


4-7-15 aliahirvine

PC: @aliahirvine Sign waiving in Nanakuli, 4/7/15

4-7-15 komakawai

PC: @komakawai picture “AOLE TMT” (No to TMT)

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