For immediate release: MAUNA KEA PROTEST UPDATE MARCH 28, 2015

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Media Contact: Keala Kelly (808) 265-0177

(MAUNA WAKEA, Hawai’i Island, March 27, 2015) — A group of Kanaka Maoli warriors representing several islands in the Hawaiian Islands, and a multi-ethnic group of supporters, gathered earlier this week at 9,000 feet above sea level at Mauna Kea also known as Mauna A Wakea on Hawaiʻi Island. They are protesting the construction of a 30-meter telescope, which they say is a desecration of the most sacred place in the Hawaiian Islands. The peaceful protest has been ongoing for several years but in the past several months has gathered more momentum and support from Hawaiians and other non-Hawaiians around the world.

“This telescope is an atrocity the size of Aloha Stadium,” says Kamahana Kealoha, a cultural practitioner and an organizer of the protest native of Waimea, Hawaiʻi. “It’s 19 stories tall, which is like building a sky-scraper on top of the mountain, a place that is being violated in many ways culturally, environmentally and spiritually.”

“However, this struggle is about so much more,” notes Kealoha. “We are fighting against our erasure and ethnocide as well as the threat for all to our main water aquifer and endangered species conservation district.”

“We humbly ask the world and all those who hold the Mauna sacred to aid us in this struggle, which is for all of us and our future generations,” says Kealoha. “Please get to the Mauna and support the brave warriors who are protesting indefinitely at the 9000 foot level.”

The group is requesting donations for flights to and from Hawaiʻi between the other Hawaiian islands as well as much-needed accommodations, including food, ground transportation and other essentials. Those interested in donating may click on our GoFundMe link here: The Sacred Mauna Kea Fund

Or contact

“We need your kokua (help) to continue our work on behalf of all concerned people of these islands,” says Kealoha.

“Or please support from where you are—here in the Islands or around the world,” says Kealoha. “I humbly offer my aloha and simple song for your needed charity that will be put 100 percent to good use. Mahalo.” Kealoha’s song can be viewed here: “Ka PIko Kaulana O Ka Aina”

Monetary donations are being accepted at any BANK OF HAWAII:
ACCOUNT#: 00095585515

For more information, visit our official blog: Sacred Mauna Kea

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