Fundraiser Screening – “Noho Hewa:The Wrongful Occupation

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This weekend only, Kingdom Media Hawaiʻi presents the award-winning documentary, Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaiʻi, FREE online from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Sunday as a fundraiser for Why The Mountain – a documentary for Mauna Kea, by Noho Hewa director Anne Keala Kelly and Mary Alice Kaiulani Milham.


Media contact: Mary Alice Ka’iulani Milham Ph: 503-706-2599 or Email: whythemountain dlgmaiLcom

International Online Screening of Award-Winning Hawaiian Documentary Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai’i, to stream online for 48 hours beginning Friday, Feb. 27th at 6 p.m. (HST) until 6 p.m. Sunday, March 1st – as a fundraiser for a new documentary about Mauna Kea.

Hawaiian filmmaker, Anne Keala Kelly, will stream her award-winning film, Noho Hewa, on Kingdom Media Hawaii this weekend only, to raise support for Why The Mountain@ htms://

As plans move forward for construction of the largest telescope in the world on Mauna Kea’s summit, so is the making of Why The Mountain. This film is about why Hawaiians and environmentalists put the irreplaceable sacredness and ecology of Mauna Kea above construction of the $1.4 billion Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT).

When asked why she’s doing a 48-hour donation based online showing of Noho Hewa, Kelly said, “We’re almost out of time. They‘re planning to start building the TMT in two months we need to tell our story now. So we’re calling on everyone who cares about – Hawaiian culture and land and our rights, to kokua (support) the making of Why The Mountain, because if you don‘t have money, you can‘t make a movie. And film is the most powerful way to tell a story that can be seen all around the world, whether it’s in theaters or online; like what we’re doing this weekend with Noho Hewa.”

On the matter of Hawaiian representation, Kelly said, “The reality is, independent indigenous filmmakers are up against the cultural, political and economic advantages that non-native and mainstream producers have. The absence of films that challenge cultural imperialism in Hawai‘i, which is what the TMT represents, is largely because funding comes from corporate and government institutions. It’s easy to fund non-threatening, commercial media that typically involves Hawaiians singing and dancing, as opposed to questioning state and corporate legitimacy.”

Kelly expressed hope that perhaps instead of spending $10 to watch an American movie this weekend, people will donate $10 and watch a Hawaiian-made film and support the making of Why TheMountain. She also believes it’s timely to show Noho Hewa now because of the biased representation of Hawaiians in the news during the Army downsizing hearings earlier this month. “Watching the film is a reminder of what’s being done to Hawai’i and the Hawaiian people and culture, which is especially relevant because the U.S. is actually re-militarizing the Pacific right now like it’s circa 1942.”


[Without any reservations Sacred Mauna Kea at wordpress completely and totally supports the initiative for the film “Why the Mountain…” and asks the same of all those around the world who would like to help save the world’s largest mountain from its base, Mauna Kea, from further desecration.

Mauna Kea is Sacred to all.

Please consider joining our International, World Wide, Pay Per View event that will fund our endeavor to save the Sacred Mauna from further desecration from entities and individuals who would choose to keep Mauna Kea, poisoned, destroyed, and defiled.

The Mauna IS the eldest, the HIAPO, of Haloa who is, according to oral traditions, progenitor of the Hawaiian people.

The Mauna is the main fresh water aquifer of our Hawaii island and the mercury and plutonium used by current developments on the Mauna directly impact this profoundly.

Endangered species environments are also threatened on the Mauna by these abominations.

Mauna Kea is sacred to all the World. Let’s help keep it that way. Please donate to the Pay Per View event or stay on to peruse our knowledge well and to make a donation to our gofundme initiative.

Aloha Aina.

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