Opening Day At Hawaii Legislature

Please join Sacred Mauna Kea!

This is a last minute opportunity and call out to all who hold our environmental, endangered species, Hawaii island fresh water aquifer, and cultural concerns sacred and important.

We will have a table at the opening legislature’s first day of business in the rotunda at the Hawaii State Capitol to bring attention and garner support for efforts to save our Mauna from further industrialization destruction and desecration.

We stand strong against the idea of Temporary gain for Permanent Damage.

We are asking all to show up in support and to wear dark pink of possible, to make it known that we are here and we stand for our Mauna.

If you don’t have dark pink wear what you feel empowers you to your highest sacred self.

Our purpose there is to gain PONO allies in this monumental struggle against the billions of dollars and bureaucracy of corporate takeover that has deprived the people of Hawaii their innate democratic human rights and stand for all that is sacred to us and all that we know about the mana, the spiritual and natural power and manifestation that is OUR Sacred Mauna Kea, he Makahiapo na Wakea- the first born of the Universal Father sky according to many Hawaiian traditions.

Bring your pink- bring your aloha, and bring your courage and care for our Sacred Hawaii.

13 Telescopes is ENOUGH!

This is OUR main fresh water aquifer and it is not a commodity to gamble away for corporate greed and the violence of deadly long range missile technologies.

We do not support the terrorism of the world being affected from our sacred summit, endangered species environment and main, central Hawaii island fresh water aquifer.

We are all Mauna Kea!

See you there!

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