Uprising With Sonali w/ Featured Guest: Anne Keala Kelly 11/25/14

@49 minutes, 0 seconds, Anne Keala Kelly, director and producer of acclaimed documentary “Noho Hewa,” on the symbolic importance of the fight to reclaim Mauna Kea:

“It is profoundly important and timely also because of this Federal Recognition issue because the so-called State of Hawaii does not have title to that land. There was never a treaty of annexation so the titles to the Crown and Government lands to the Hawaiian Kingdom was never transferred so it’s like an illegal leasing taking place…”

Kelly’s segment begins from 29 minutes and 50 seconds on:
“I do think people hear a lot about Hawaiians. I think what they hear are lies. They hear tourism industry FICTION about the Hawaiian people. There are about 500,000 of us who are identified as Hawaiian. It’s a genealogical identity it is not based on blood quantum or phenotypical characteristics. About half our population lives in a diaspora mostly along the West Coast…

We’re dealing with a settler colonial reality in Hawaii, but we’re also dealing with an occupation because we have this history as a Nation State. We have this history of being the Hawaiian Kingdom which was recognized in 1842. So for us it’s a really complicated path that we’re on right now because the indigenous movement internationally is profound and our connections to our friends who are on the continent and our cousins in the Pacific are also profound so we’re having to look at both issues simultaneously…

Kanaiolowalu is a fradulent list…”

To get involved and support protection of sacred Mauna Kea join the conversation on FB @:


Contact sacredmaunakea@gmail.com to take action.

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