The Publicizes Historic Stand on 10/7/14 – Gets the Story Wrong

Although the story is greatly inaccurate, manifest destiny ridden and downright racist, the success here is that the big news platform noticed and that the justice advocates stopped an atrocity if even for a day.

We understand plans are being made by people of Hawaii of different ethnicities to unify and continue asserting their rights as not only Native Hawaiian people but as people of the world with a conscious.

Please feel free to post on this website and tell the NYTimes writer about his inaccuracies and misrepresentation of the movement as a strictly race based one:

Seeking Stars, Finding Creationism –

Opposition to the Mauna Kea observatories, which are run by scientists from 11 countries, has been going on for years and is tied inseparably with lingering hostility over colonization and the United States’ annexation of Hawaii in the 19th century. The new telescope is a pawn in a long, losing game.

Adding more complications, the indigenous protesters were allied with environmental activists denouncing the encroachment of what they call “the international astronomy industry,” as though there were great profits to be made from studying black holes and measuring redshifts.

“Mauna Kea is a Temple or House of Worship,” says a statement on the website of Kahea, the Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance. “Therefore, the laws of man do not dictate its sanctity, the laws of Heaven do.”

Whether the target is a scientific installation or a ski area in the West, some environmentalists have learned that a few traditionally dressed natives calling for the return of sacred lands can draw more attention than arguments over endangered species and fragile ecosystems.

via Seeking Stars, Finding Creationism –

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